About Us

Mirath is a platform that aims to ease the donation of Mirath Jenazah Kit.

The platform is equipped with a tracking system that can help in identifying mosques in Brunei that is in need of Mirath Jenazah Kit, which can encourage the community to ease the burden of people in need, after losing their loved ones.


To better prepare Muslims for legacy planning and perform Fardhu Kifayah and Fardhu Ain.


Everyone can leave a better legacy behind.

"To help you perform Fardhu Kifayah and feel its nikmah in this dunya and akhirah"

Memori is a legacy-planning platform that provides affordable and accessible legacy planning solutions. Memori was established in 2018.

Learn more about Memori by visiting the Memori website.

Mirath is an initiative under Memori.

Mirath (ميراث‎) began as an initiative to provide and create a digital platform for affordable and accessible Islamic legacy planning products and to enable donations of our MJK Wakaf sets to mosques within the nation.

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